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Employment Opportunities

Job Description: Medical Coordinator



Days of the week will include Sunday-Thursday.

Prior veterinary experience is a must.


This position is primarily responsible for:

  1. Scheduling the work days and daily assignments of veterinary and surgical assistants

  2. Supervising, preforming and assisting with the daily activities of the medical staff

  3. Managing phone calls and emails

  4. Inventorying, ordering and coding of medical supplies

  5. Ensuring all medical records are accurate in the folders and in Pet Point

  6. Overseeing communication with volunteers

Principle Duties:

To schedule veterinary assistance staff to ensure all medical department needs are meet. This includes but is not limited to daily medications, surgical assistance, intake exams, recheck exams including foster, vaccine boosters, surgical laundry, surgical pack wrapping, and exam/vaccine entry into Pet Point.

To supervise daily activity within the medical staff (see Veterinary Assistant job description below)

To preform and/or assist with Veterinary Assistant job duties as needed (see Veterinary Assistant job description below)

To ensure that all animals incoming into the shelter system receive an intake exams and are put on the ‘vet check list’ as needed.

To ensure that all animals going up for adoption have accurate records.

To ensure that any animals available for adoption have meds labeled and ready to go as well as folders flagged that they are on medication.

To respond to phone calls and emails, forwarding to other staff as appropriate.

To check the medical concerns binders in PAC and follow up as needed.


If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to Karen at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .





Veterinary Assistant Job Description

This position is primarily responsible for: (1) Performing daily medical treatments to the animals; (2) Giving initial vaccinations at the time of intake to the shelter; (3) Performing/assisting with initial intake examinations; (4) Performing and scheduling exams for animals in foster care; (5) Assisting in surgery; (6) Preparing surgical equipment, surgical packs, and supplies for use in surgery (7) Following up on the animals care, including giving booster vaccinations and deworming, re-treating ear mites, etc; (8) Assisting veterinary staff with keeping track of the animals medical care, and putting animals on the veterinary check list if they reported to be sick, injured, if they are not responding to the current medical treatment that is being provided; (9) Assisting with the humane euthanasia of animals, and eventually becoming euthanasia certified to perform humane euthanasia

Principle Duties:

To perform daily medical treatments to the animals in our care. This includes giving injections, giving topical and oral medications, medicated baths/dips, monitoring patients on IV fluids, and providing medical care to the animals as directed by the vet staff. This also includes checking the daily medical concerns from the volunteers as noted in the binders (PAC cat wing) and (PAC dog wing)

To monitor the animals currently being treated daily, and record the findings on the animals treatment sheet.

To communicate any concerns regarding the animals medical care. There is a veterinary check list where concerns will be addressed by a vet on a daily basis.

To give initial vaccinations at the time of the animals intake into the shelter. Vet assistants are expected to check for new animals throughout the day and give the vaccinations as soon as possible.

To assist with the appropriate placement of animals coming in to the shelter, and animals already in our care, that may be sick/contagious to other animals. Vet assistants are expected to move sick animals into the appropriate isolation area as soon as possible, or alert a veterinarian for assistance if there may be a more serious illness or serious contagious disease.

To perform/assist with basic initial intake examinations. This includes giving vaccinations (except Rabies vaccine-that is to be given by a vet or vet tech), drawing blood for FeLV, heartworm testing, and running those tests. Giving the appropriate dewormer, flea treatment, and ear mite treatment. Write any concerns on the vet check list. Write any animals that are ready for surgery on the surgery schedule. Write animals that are medically cleared on the behavior evaluation list. Communicate with the rest of the staff by labeling cage cards with information regarding that animal.

To perform examinations on animals in foster care, provide the appropriate vaccinations, treatments, and schedule surgery when the animals are ready to come back to the shelter. This includes assisting foster parents with illness regarding their foster pets, using the protocols provided, and scheduling vet checks with a doctor if needed.

To provide booster vaccinations, deworming, ear mite treatments on a regular basis. This includes the mall Annex location.

To assist in surgery as needed (see surgery assistant job description)

To prepare surgical equipment, surgery packs and supplies as needed for use in surgery.

To monitor the weights of the animals in the shelter on a weekly basis and report concerns to the vet staff.

To enter data into Petpoint as needed.

To transport samples to the Cornell diagnostic lab.

To transport animals for medical care as needed or to offsite adoption locations as needed.

To assist with the humane euthanasia of animals as needed. This position does require that the vet assistant be willing to become euthanasia certified to perform euthanasia as needed.





The SPCA of Tompkins County supports and seeks actively to implement the principle of equal employment opportunity for all persons. Our policy is to recruit, employ, and promote the best possible talent in all positions without regard to age, sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap, or veteran status.



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"My girl Ava was one of those unfortunate souls in that trailer, but she is now thriving with a brother and sister (Vik and Gracie), and lives the life of a QUEEN!  She loves playing ball allllllll day long!  Her once scarred face has since grown over with soft, beautiful fur, and the only reminder of those days is the bone that juts out from her shoulder (it does not bother her).  We own an old farmhouse surrounded by land, so she has plenty of room to roam with us. We love her with all of our hearts!"

Amy and family


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The mission of the SPCA of Tompkins County is to protect companion animals. We are a no-kill shelter dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and overpopulation. We promote responsible pet stewardship by providing education, counseling and training to nurture and enhance the human-animal bond.

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